Monday, January 30, 2012

More Barn Photos

Okay.....just a quick bit of barn news.
Here's where I milk.  It's a cool blue room, small but big enough to hold a milking stand and supplies.  I keep small bins with grain and alfalfa for feeding the does during milking.  My milking machine bucket hangs up to drain.  The actual machine part of it lives through the wall in a tiny room that also houses the barn electrical panel and a few tools.

Next door to the milking room is the milk processing room.  That's still a work in progress as I wait for a sink.  Jeff did a great job putting up the plastic wall covering, trimming it out and then caulking everything.  There is a floor drain and someday there'll be a huge 3 bay sink in here as well as a separate hand-washing sink.  I'm not planning on being a Grade A Dairy but I don't want to do something I have to undo and redo if I choose to go for Grade A designation.  Right now we're waiting for the caulk smell to dissipate and hopefully soon I'll find the right sink.

And last, but not least is my "bucket loo" as the British call them.  This is a bathroom option for those who would rather compost their own waste rather than use drinking water to flush it away somewhere. We have regular toilets in our house but I had no intention of a septic system at the barn.  My brother built this beautiful little indoor outhouse.  After each use some peat moss is added to cover.  When the bucket is full it goes to a special composting area and can later be used on non-food crops.  Actually, most of the world uses human manure  (humanure)  on food crops but since I have lots of animal manure options I'll only use it on non-food crops.
This little indoor outhouse is located just past the well/pump box, tucked into a small area not needed for anything else.

I'll post photos of the grain room and tool storage soon but next up is the barn office and hayloft!

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