Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goats for Sale!!!

Hello All!

It’s been a great year here at Sovereign Hill Farm/Fox Mountain.  I can only keep a few goats so I have some looking for homes.  I treat my goats well, they have been tested yearly for CL, CAE and Johnnes with all testing negative for all 3.  I have only bought from herds tested free from those diseases.

I have 3 cute and friendly wethers that I’m willing to let go for $50 each if anyone  is looking for pets or buck companions.  They are all people friendly.  They’ll be meat if they stay here.

I have “Sovereign Hill Stella”, a doe sired by Promised Land Porter and out of Dragonfly St. Lucia  that is a lovely doe, very correct legs, nice teats, will be an easy hand milker and her topline is just lovely.  She’d be a good addition to a herd looking for those characteristics who can add wider rear udder attachment genetics to her otherwise lovely lines.  She’s friendly, great on the milk stand, a wonderful mother, etc. Beautiful silvery brown buckskin. Stella is for sale for $400  
First photo shows her heavily pregnant with quads.
 Here's an udder photo.  Sorry she's not standing straight.  I was taking a photo fast so I could start milking.
 Here's a photo of Stella's mother's (St. Lucia) udder.  She is my favorite doe to milk.  Her teats may be small and stubby but wow does the milk come out fast and easily.  St. Lucia gave me quads this year as did Stella.

Stella’s daughter from this year (Sovereign Hill Starla) is reluctantly for sale also.  I believe she will improve upon Stella and go further.  She is sired by Cornerstone Farm Adah, a buck who brings very correct legs and nice width of body who also carries some very flashy color genetics for those who care about that.  I’m actually not sure if I can let her go but if someone really wants her I’ll probably give in.  She carries some really great genetics.  Stunning silver/black buckskin. Starla is for sale for $400

I have 2 full sisters to Stella who were born this year and 1 is for sale.  Promised Land Porter and Dragonfly St. Lucia are the parents. I expect them to both be lovely does and expect a lot from this breeding.

“Char”  is a charcoal black with brown points little doeling who is friendly and carries the genetics that I believe will make her a good hand milker.  Char is for sale for $350

I also have 2 daughters available from lovely Promised Land Zetta, sired by Cornerstone Farm Adah.  She gave me triplet does and they are quite lovely.  I’ll be be keeping one of them.  I call them the Appaloosa sisters because they have white spots.  “Azalea” is a dark buckskin with white spots (I'll be keeping her) and her sisters “Zephyr” and “Pizzaz” are black with white spots.  Zetta brings those lovely Promised Land genetics with a tall, dairy bone structure, wide and high rear udder attachments, strong lateral udder attachment, good production, great mother, has carried quads the 2 years she’s kidded here  (1 didn’t get out of it’s sack fast enough this year and died leaving me with 3, all 4 were does.  Last year she gave me 3 does and a buck) Zetta is one of my two favorite does.  I’d keep at least 2 of the 3 if I didn’t need to keep  my herd size down.  These 2 girls are $400 each

My available wethers are ready to go anytime.  I have 3 available.  All are disbudded, "wetherized" and ready to share some love.  They are all socialized to people although they have been dam raised in the herd so they can learn good herd manners.

Please email me at   or call me 413-329-3974 if you are interested in any of these lovely goats.  Of course there are discounts if you buy more than one.  Goats must have a companion so I will not sell a single goat to someone who wants to keep it alone.  I will happily help you choose a companion goat to keep it company.

I'll post more about the kidding and lambing season when the planting season is all done.  Phew!

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