Monday, December 5, 2011

Handsome Rams Arrive!

The Boys are here!!!!

Handsome and sweet looking, isn't he?  He's not named yet.  I'm waiting for his breeders to name him.  Dick brought the rams down from Maine.  Having Dick deliver the rams was a boon given how busy I am with working on the barn.

Our two rams were born this spring and they have been here only a few days. Today was their first chance to leave their stall and go out into their pasture.  They sniffed and could clearly smell the herd of young ewes but they couldn't see them.  They tried flirting with my herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats and got a couple of the goats kind of interested.  They ate a lot of grass, butted heads a few times and generally seemed to have a good time.  Tomorrow will be another day in and out.  In a few days we'll divide our ewes into 2 breeding flocks and let these boys get to work sparking next springs lamb crop!

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