Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9th! Beautiful Weather!!!

I've been enjoying working on the barn for several reasons.  First, I get to work with my brother and I really like that.  Second, I get to watch the animals and be more aware of herd health, herd dynamics and individual behaviors.  Third, I get to drink in all that beauty of the different flocks/herds in their pastures, the surrounding forest, the view through the bare trees to other mountains, etc.

I've really been enjoying our small flock of Cascade Farmstead ewes.  I think I finally know all six by name now.  I admit to having some favorites.

This is Lisette and I think she's very sweet.  She's the color of butterscotch, has no horns and is unfortunately the shyest but maybe someday she'll be tamer.

This is Lady of the Lake.  She's the friendliest and always ready to lead the herd after me.  They've eaten their pasture down quite a bit so it's time to move them onto another pasture I think.  This will be the first time they follow me down the center aisle of the pastures to get to another pasture.  I'm hoping it easily becomes part of our morning and evening routine.

This is the view down the road from the barn driveway to the house driveway and beyond.  The first half we have to plow because the town didn't have the funds to repair it after all the road fixing needed to get back to normal after Irene.

Okay.....this photo is from the late spring but I'm thinking about baby goats again because it's breeding season for next year's kid crop.  This is Leoneea with her twin babes Tao and Rasha looking out from behind a wall.   Leoneea has such a lovely look to her and like all the other goats was a great mother to her young. Tao still likes to climb into laps although he's a bit big and Rasha (the doeling) is a sweetie who likes nothing better than to get some patting.

Zetta gave birth to 4 babies; 3 doelings and a buckling.  This photo shows them only a few hours old.  I've been telling all the does this year to only give birth to 1 or 2 babies this year.  I don't want the herd to grow so quickly!!!


  1. The sheep can really make short work of the pastures can't they! I really enjoy how they learn to come when called...but they still stay just our of reach.

    I can't wait for baby goats either!

  2. HI ChaiChai! I'm waiting for my rams to come down from Maine. We're almost ready for them and my two other bucks are coming back here too so the testosterone level is about to sky rocket around here!!! But babies in the spring will be all worth it. How is your breeding ram doing now....any more politeness or are the girls still stamping their feet at him in frustration?

  3. I saw Ironwood "working" today so I'm looking forward to lambs before Easter.

    I will have one of my older rams available for you in the Spring if you still need one. A trade for goats possibly?

  4. Bill says his ewes and rams have only 1 fence between them now and there are signs of interest. Dick in Maine said his boys are showing interest through his fence too. He puts his breeding groups together December first. I may not be ready for an older ram from so far away by next year. I will have Bill and Nancy's herd to swap rams with. But a future swap is always possible. I feel lucky to have 3 flocks in New England so we can share bloodlines more easily.