Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Storm

We got a winter trial with 4 inches of snow on October 28th.  Then on Saturday we got about 24 inches of snow.  We woke up Sunday morning glad that it had stopped ahead of schedule and amazed to look out at the results.  The texture of the snow allowed it to create slumps over the balcony railing.

Here's a look down the driveway.

Here is our 20 foot pond in a photo that shows the depth of the snow.

It took us a day to get ready for the storm and then a day to clean up after it.  I managed to plow down from the new barn.....a good thing since the town doesn't yet plow that road.  Our town did plow to our house driveway although they sunk the big plow truck in the mud along the dirt road that leads to our driveway.  With a week of days in the 40s and 50s I'm hoping the snow melts and that the goats can go out to pasture for a few more weeks.  The dogs LOVE the snow and it was deep enough to make them look like albino Corgis!  They get excited when the snow falls off the barn roof.  They pounce on it yelping in excited falsetto.  Back to working on the new barn this week.


  1. Whoa that is a lot of snow! Yikes. Your new barn looks really great!

  2. Thanks for the barn compliment! Yup, we did get a lot of snow. It's melting luckily. I still need to get the rest of the winter hay into the barn as well as some straw and shavings for bedding in case we lose vehicle access to it for the winter. Are you all set for winter up north there?