Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Bowl with Eggs" still life in reality

Our hens have started laying and the eggs are such lovely works of art and such miracles.  Okay, so I'm easy to impress because I see the beauty and miracle of just about everything.  I'm particularly enjoying the sight of the soft blue/green eggs in a bowl that my friend Susan created and gave to me.  The color is a pretty close match although the greenish eggs vary somewhat in tint from blue/green to more of a soft olive green.

I'm also enjoying the garlic harvest.  Here's what a bulb of garlic looks like when it's just been cut down from the hayloft.  Below is after the roots have been trimmed and the outer layer of skins have been rubbed off.  Ready to add to the pile we keep ready to add to dinner creations!

Note: these garlic photos feature another piece of ceramic art by my friend Susan.  

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