Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wish I had another sunny day to get some more up to date barn photos but here are a couple.  It's a lot further along now and the fencing is done as well but none of that has been photographed recently.  Well pump goes in this week and that's exciting for me since hauling water gets old fast.


  1. You've put a lot of planning & hard work into your barn and it shows! Looks Great! I was just researching Cascade Farmstead sheep and your blog popped up as a suggestion. It's funny because I just started following your blog a few weeks ago and decided to get 2 kittens for our new barn as well.....and I live in Huntington MA hmmm small world :) Thanks for posting the pics, it's helping me with ideas for our stalls too. Take-care,

  2. Wow! And how did you come to want to research Cascade Farmstead sheep? Did Ross talk to you? (He's the only one around here I've talked to.)
    I just checked your blog and I think I know where you live. I drive by it and lust after your big barn. In fact, I just got my barn stained and I was wanting the color you have on yours but I should really have done a test of the color rather than trusting a chart. Mine is less the golden oak I wanted and more an ochre wood tone. Sigh. But it's still kind of handsome and it'll mellow and next coat can tone it down a bit. You mention that you're involved in the family business and I remember when that first started. I used to go there. Small world indeed!! : > Maybe you should come over sometime and see the barn in person. I will post more photos but somehow the dimensions of the stalls just don't show up well in photos. I'm happy to show you what I've done and tell you why and what I would change. I've created the design to work for our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats and the Cascade Farmstead sheep. There's another starting flock of this breed of sheep in Northfield, MA and another flock in Maine. We're planning on trading breeding stock since our blood lines contain a fair diversity. Feel free to call me or email me. My contact info is on my flower essence website. www.foxmountain.net Blessings, Kathrin