Friday, October 7, 2011

Dogs and Goats

Our goat herd have been loving the pasture, the sun and the stone walls they get to climb on. Our Livestock Guardian Maremma dogs have been hanging out with their charges. Great photo of Tao and Luna (young goats) hanging out with Vera the Maremma.


  1. That play area for your goats is fantastic! I love the coloring of the dark one on the top middle.

  2. That's our stone wall pasture that is really our lazy way to avoid having to weed-shack along the stone walls. We made little pastures that have about 20' on each side of the wall. I was hoping it would help trim their hooves also but the stones are old with lichen on them. Yes, the dark one on top ("Umbra") is a lovely coloring. His twin sister is the same pattern but silver where he is brown.