Friday, October 7, 2011

Ewe Lambs Arrive!

Here are our ewe lambs from Greener Pastures Farm. They arrived a week or so ago and are settling in nicely. From top to bottom they are named (remember, it's an "L" year for Greener Pasture's Farm!): Lorelei, Lola, Lisette, Lilibeth, Laughter in the Rain, and Lady of the Lake.


  1. They look great, you have a nice variety of colors and a few are polled.

  2. Yes, I sure do love the colors! As far as horns, Laughter in the Rain has small scurs, not sure if they'll grow or not so the only polled one is Lisette. She's the little butterscotch or curry colored one. Lorelei is actually white but she grayed out with dirt. I can't keep my whites clean either so I feel compassion for her.