Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flowering Progression

I have forgotten to take photos the past 2 or 3 weeks but I meant to take a weekly photo of a certain bench against our house to show the progression of bloom seasons.  Here it is April 25th and the wood poppes (yellow), Phlox stolonifera (pink), Daffodils (white) are all in full swing with bits of Plox divaricata (lavender colored), Pulmonaria (pink aging to blue), Grape Hyacinth (blue), and Epimedium showing at the edges.

May 29th   Notice how it's all about softer colors of lavender now?  Sure, the Peonies are blooming and the yellow Baptisia in the right front is adding a nice counterpoint to the blue-ish theme and there is that splash of shell pink coral bells but really, it's a fully different view.

Here's a different view taken the same day.  The first red rose is blooming but it's the peonies and iris that reign supreme.

June 18th  Now notice how the lavender shades are gone and it's all about that red rose blooming and all those green shapes and textures.  Yes the coral bells are still blooming and the honeysuckles on the arbor are blooming as well.

Speaking of green shapes.....I am in love with green in the spring after a long white winter.  Here's the view out our front door.  It faces East into a ravine and it feels like being in a tree house.

And then there are all the other colors to fall in love with!!

Time to get back outside.........

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