Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Glimpse or Two of Here

Okay, this is a special post for  group of special people who are going to join us for a day.  Since it's September and things look different at different times of year I thought it'd be nice to show some of the other views of this place......and some close ups of what happens here. In this post I'll share a few photos of some of the cuteness that abound here in the spring time.  These babies are bigger now and some of them have moved to other farms.  We still have 4 half grown goatie girls that are cute.  Three of them totally love being patted by just about anyone, one is a little shy.
This is a mother and son photo.  He's trying to be just like his mommy.

This little boy had played hard and gotten tired and fell asleep on his mommy.

They do love to climb around on the rocks and push each other off.

They also like to climb on people!

Twins!!!  We still have the boy from this photo and he loves to be patted.  He's grown now and like all our adult goats comes up to about my knee in height.  Our goats are user friendly and mostly like being patted although they are not used to a bunch of people at once and are not used to people moving fast.  We tend to speak gently around them and not move in ways that would scare them.

This little girl named "Chica" was born last year and this year gave birth to her own little girl baby that we named "Bonita".

Here is a grown up Chica with her baby Bonita.

Just like with humans, goat mommies and babies like to spend a lot of time near each other. Especially when it's nap time. The babies play pretty hard and then want to have some quiet time near their mommy.  This is Chica and Bonita again having a little nap under one of the platforms that Bonita was just jumping around on a short while before.

This mother and daughter snuggle looks funny because they are both chewing.  This is Luna  (Chica's sister) and her daughter Celeste.

If mommies are busy brothers and sisters like to snuggle up together.  These are Lucia's triplets.

Here's a short video showing how much the goaties love to play.  The mother goat Luna, who jumps up on the platform halfway through pushes off the baby that isn't her baby and lets her baby "Cielo" stay on the platform.
Because there are coyotes, bear, fox, bobcat and mountain lions the goats are guarded by 2 dogs.  They are brother and sister named Fergy and Vera.  They are a special breed of dog that originated in Italy to protect livestock.  They live with the goats all the time and patrol the empty pastures at night keeping wild animals away.

This photo is from last year, showing a half grown Tao hanging out with Vera.  He was nuzzling her a little bit and they were both watching other goats.

So that's a glimpse into the goat cuteness that lives here.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. You've got some great looking goats there! I love the video's of them running around! The video of you with the sheep is amazing, they really trust you.